Amazing 5 Star Travel And Safari In Africa

For the most amazing African escape and adventure , contact schreiner Africa. we specialize in 5 star luxury safaris as well as organized tours to all the top spots in south and east Africa. you wont find better value or service. your perfect holiday escape guaranteed. We offer 5 star luxury tours and safaris in south Africa, Botswana, Kenya as well as Tanzania and Zanzibar.Schreiner Africa would like to share with you these experiences in the ‘true Africa’ to one of the best Private Safari Camps, for away from civilization and mobile phones.All Private Safari Camps offer ultimate privacy, situated within easy access to waterholes where you’ll witness big herds of elephant, zebra, buffalo, giraffe and lion compelled by thirst to imperil their fragile lives.Early morning and late afternoon game drives are conducted in specially modified open 4×4 vehicles selected on the basis of terrain. Our guides are specialists in animals, birds, trees, and other subjects. As personal care is Schreiner Africa’s hallmark we go out of our way to ensure our guest’s specific needs are catered for.Schreiner Africa is proud to have received a various number of VIP’s, Captains of Industry and Politicians who where immensely impressed by their stay.Do not wait too long to share Schreiner Africa’s experience before mankind will spoil the unique habitat of animals in conservation and harmony! Our website will assist you in planning and costing your trip. Our travel consultants will tailor-make your trip to Africa and look after all your needs.

A Brief Travel and Tourist Guide to Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

IntroductionDumfries and Galloway is located in Southern Scotland and borders the English county of Cumbria. Historically, the region is entwined with significant events in Scotland’s history, especially around the time of 1300 AD. Its rural areas are often sites of natural beauty, and parts of Dumfries and Galloway are part of Historic Scotland with many tourist attractions open during the summer months.Threave CastleThreave Castle was built in the 1300s and was home to Archibald Douglas, better known as “Archibald the Grim”. Threave Castle became Archibald’s stronghold after he was awarded an earldom by King David II for the services to Scotland that the Douglas family had performed. Archibald’s father, Sir James Douglas “The Good” had been entrusted to take Robert the Bruce’s heart to Jerusalem, but had been killed by Moors in Spain. The family had also played a significant role in quashing rebellions that sided with the English. Subsequently, the black heart symbol became synonymous with the Douglas family.This is just a snapshot of the history that is contained within the walls of Threave Castle. It’s grim yet fascinating history is made all the more real by the ferryman that takes you across to Threave Island. The castle is now part of Historic Scotland and is open during the summer months.Laggan OutdoorLaggan Outdoor features outdoor activities catering for the family and the serious outdoor enthusiast. Mountain Balling, Water Balling, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, Segway, Mountain Boarding, and Grass Sledging are all catered for. Though they angle the marketing towards team builders, families are welcome as are stag and hen parties. They are situated on a particularly beautiful piece of Galloway coastline.Old Blacksmith’s Shop Gretna GreenGretna Green is famous for marriage on the fly. A little like marriage in Las Vegas only there is no casinos and a lot less tack. The Old Blacksmith’s Shop contains an anvil and coach museum, tartan and tweed shop, and other attractions which all tell the story of Gretna Green and how it became home to the runaway marriage.The Grey Mare’s TailThe Grey Mare’s Tail is Scotland’s deepest waterfall. Water falls 200 feet into a valley and fills Moffat water far below Loch Skeen the starting point of the waterfall. The surrounding area is a nature reserve owned by National Trust for Scotland. There are excellent walking routes beginning or ending at The Grey Mare’s Tail and due to the valley forming due to geological erosion, the Grey Mare’s Tail is a site of geological interest.Robert BurnsRobert Burns is arguably Scotland’s greatest poet, and has written enduring poetry which has survived generations. For much of his adult life, the great man lived in Dumfries, and there are several monuments in his honour. Many Dumfries and Galloway tourists tend to visit the site, which is an organisation dedicated to preserving the memory and works of Robert Burns to learn more about Scotland’s greatest poet.There is a range of holiday and vacation rental accommodation in Dumfries and Galloway, and throughout Scotland.

Travel Insurance Hints for Seniors and Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

If you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition or are over the age of 60, you may be worried about finding a travel insurance policy to meet your unique needs.However, your health or your age shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a trip abroad – there are more choices than ever before when it comes to tailored holiday insurance policies. Although you may have to do a bit more homework in the planning stages of your trip, there is bound to be an insurance product that is right for you.If you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, your first step should be to ensure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you set off on your travels to Switzerland or EEA member countries. This card ensures you can get the necessary medical care you need while you are abroad – such as kidney dialysis.However, as the EHIC scheme only covers issues that are only ordinarily covered under your visited country’s statutory healthcare system, it is also important to take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover any emergencies that may arise.In order to get the best possible policy for you, it is essential that you are honest with your insurer about any pre-existing conditions you may have – you might be surprised to find that many policies already include provisions for those suffering from asthma, epilepsy, osteoporosis or allergies. Or if they don’t, you may be able to add these to your insurance for a small fee – this is still a much cheaper alternative than facing an international hospital bill should an emergency occur.If you are a senior, you’ll also want to investigate your travel insurance options before you set off. Some providers offer better coverage for older people on their single-trip policies than on annual ones – in some cases, you can qualify for insurance until you have reached the age of85.The internet is a great place to start when it comes to investigating your travel insurance options – you can find great deals with the click of a button. However, if you have unique requirements such as age or pre-existing medical conditions, it is essential that you discuss these with your insurer before committing to a purchase – sometimes the lowest-priced deals don’t offer the best cover for you.Speaking to your insurer can set your mind at ease before you travel and ensure you have the correct level of coverage to meet your needs – helping you to have an enjoyable and safe holiday.